Sprouted Mung Side – Goan Style

Last couple of months have been tough world wide! The mayhem caused by the the virus COVID 19 continues and we all are trying to stay safe. We can take care by staying indoors, by practising social distancing and staying healthy and calm.  To stay healthy it is important to consume healthy food, food that is rich in protein. It is common knowledge that proteins are a very important part of  our diet. Not only do they build and repair body tissue but they also help to fight viral and bacterial infections. So this function of proteins of increasing the body immunity to fight infections is what is really important today.  Continue reading “Sprouted Mung Side – Goan Style”

Pina Colada Macaroons

Coconut macaroons are an absolute delight for the coconut lovers ! But then the thing about coconuts is that you either love coconut or you hate it. Most Indians are fond of coconut as coconut is a native fruit.  However coconut macaroons are not indigenous. For that matter, macaroons itself are not from India. Macaroons are small cookies made from ground nuts like almonds, pistachios, hazelnuts or coconut.  Continue reading “Pina Colada Macaroons”

Hello Summer !!!

For me summer has always been about exuberance ! As a child, it was the vacation time in summer we would look forward to, it was about ice creams and pepsicolas and ice balls with those colourful syrups! All the food stuff that was forbidden during the year was allowed in summer. We travelled a lot, had one day picnics. All in all summer symbolised riot time! Things are no different now as I am still enjoying the summer through my daughter’s eyes. 

Pune is pretty hot in summer and one needs to be hydrated all the time. To beat the summer heat, my mother in law used to make a very interesting summer cooler from Kokam. It is a Goan speciality and even the diabetics can enjoy it guilt free. It has lot of medicinal benefits.  Continue reading “Hello Summer !!!”

Breakfast Smoothie – Turbo Charge your day !!!

Breakfast, the most important meal of the day, often tends to be just carbohydrate rich. It may provide us that quick energy boost but it may also make you feel very full and lethargic. More often than not your breakfast may also be devoid of the necessary vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. So how about a  quick breakfast smoothie which not only gives us a feel good factor, but also gives us the daily  dose of natural nutrients and energises us to kick start the day? Continue reading “Breakfast Smoothie – Turbo Charge your day !!!”

Let food be thy medicine….

“Mom, I will be very late tonight! I have emergency duty at the hospital. Pack me some extra food.”, said my ‘soon to be doctor’ daughter as she was leaving for the hospital. You can very well imagine the precarious position I would be in whenever I have to discuss food with my daughter. She knows that eating the right food at right time is essential and but actually getting her to do that is a tough job! Most moms will identify with this. Continue reading “Let food be thy medicine….”