Hello Summer !!!

For me summer has always been about exuberance ! As a child, it was the vacation time in summer we would look forward to, it was about ice creams and pepsicolas and ice balls with those colourful syrups! All the food stuff that was forbidden during the year was allowed in summer. We travelled a lot, had one day picnics. All in all summer symbolised riot time! Things are no different now as I am still enjoying the summer through my daughter’s eyes. 

Pune is pretty hot in summer and one needs to be hydrated all the time. To beat the summer heat, my mother in law used to make a very interesting summer cooler from Kokam. It is a Goan speciality and even the diabetics can enjoy it guilt free. It has lot of medicinal benefits.  Continue reading “Hello Summer !!!”

Goan Breakfast Curry

India is a country of diversities, be it geographical, religious or cultural! Hence food diversity is a natural consequence. Every state in India has its version of potato curry using the spices and ingredients locally available. Naturally, Goan version of the potato curry is made with coconut. When I was first introduced to this scrumptious curry, I was genuinely surprised as to how such a small amount of ingredients can yield such a tasty curry. But then that is Goan food for you, minimalistic yet tasty!

The Goan Potato curry is a breakfast item and is to be had with bread. It is mostly not available on the menu of restaurants and only Goan households make it.  It is literally un-heard of! The Goans have it with their bread called ‘Poi’ or with the regular slice bread. Cumin seeds, sesame seeds, fresh grated coconut and dried red chillies are the key ingredients used to make this flavourful curry.  Here is the recipe to make this breakfast curry: Continue reading “Goan Breakfast Curry”

Goan Curries – Urad Methi

Here I am back after a small hiatus with one more mouth-watering Goan curry. The mango season is finally here! It is summer and the sweltering heat makes you feel like having just rice for your meals. In one of my earlier blogs I had mentioned about my mom-in-law hailing from Goa. She used to make this lovely curry flavoured with raw mango or kairi (कैरी) as it is called in Marathi. This curry is called udid methi (उडद मेथी) obviously due to the two key components used, that is urad  dal or split black gram and methi or fenugreek seeds as it is called in English. The curry is essentially to be had with steamed rice and should be accompanied by sliced onions. This finger licking tangy curry is so good to taste that you can keep going for more helpings! Here is the recipe for it: Continue reading “Goan Curries – Urad Methi”

Goan food = Fish! Oh really?

How does one picture Goa? Lush greenery everywhere with coconut and beetle nut palm groves, barges sailing on the backwaters with bridges over them, colourful Portuguese style houses, blue waters with beautiful beaches, colourful shacks on the beaches with fun-loving people drinking and enjoying the sea food! Goa is an absolute paradise for the sea food lovers!  A vegetarian person like me has to do with vegetarian takes on Portuguese inspired dishes like Xacuti or Vindaloo or else Punjabi cuisine which is universally available. Authentic Goan vegetarian food cooked in the households, is very rarely available in the restaurants even in Goa, let alone else where.  Continue reading “Goan food = Fish! Oh really?”