Alsandyache Tonak

The title sounds all Greek and Latin isn’t it? Well it is Goan in fact 🙂 Let me explain. Alsande is a kind of legume grown mainly in Goa and Karnataka. Its actually a black eyed pea belonging to the cow pea family. Its extremely tasty and cooks very well. Tonak is  colloquial version of Tondak which refers to a type of masala or gravy. This is an extremely tasty dish and is usually had with Goan bread called poi. You could have it with pav or slice bread as well. Continue reading “Alsandyache Tonak”

Homemade Paneer

With India in complete lockdown, it is our duty as citizens not to venture out of homes as much as possible. But with everyone at home, it is imperative that all are well-fed and happy. Paneer dishes are so popular with most Indians with an additional advantage of being rich in proteins. I often make paneer at home for a couple of reasons. Firstly, homemade paneer is yummier and healthier without any additives and secondly I can make it out of cow’s milk.  I prefer the cow’s milk version for obvious reasons-:) Continue reading “Homemade Paneer”